Yebba, My Mind

Check out this emotional song by Yebba, My Mind.

“How could ya? How could you do, do this to me?
No way, no way, she can’t take you away from me
I sure won’t stay, but I’ll be damned if I ever leave”
                                                          Yebba, My Mind

Sometimes we speak about forgiving in such shallow, ethereal, philosophical tones. Just choose to forgive, we say. Jesus said so. It sounds so reasonable. As if our pre-frontal cortex had that power or influence over the rest of our brain. We shame victims so easily. 

We point our shaking fingers to those who supposedly– heroically –have forgiven great crimes–and we feel shame that we should do likewise–and shame others that they should follow suit.

Though we do not dig deeper to see if those people did some virtually irreparable damage to their inner worth and identity by giving up voice and justice. 

But at, we give voice to those who are honestly hurting. Who can’t just give up justice and voice. Who demand to be treated better. The brilliant artist Yebba sings about the deep hurtful emotions that swirl in the head and gut of a person who suspects that the one they love is cheating on them. All whitewashing aside. All theological bumper stickers aside. 

Don’t mistake our passion. We can forgive, but not without the power of the Spirit in our inner being, never by giving up our voice or right to justice. Never by just “choosing” harder to forgive. Check out a honestly healing on-line journey that does not reshame victims or demand that they dehumanize themselves in the supposed name of Christ.

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