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Yebba, My Mind

Check out this emotional song by Yebba, My Mind. “How could ya? How could you do, do this to me? No way, no way, she can’t take you away from me I sure won’t stay, but I’ll be damned if I ever leave”                         […]

2019 Forgiving Path Holiday Survival Kit #2

Holiday family gatherings can be great–or they can be awkward and even toxic. We want to help you. We will focus this year on those so-called “daddy-issues.” By the way, let’s not be extremist. Think of a spectrum from 0-10 where 0 is horrific and abusive daddy issues and 10 is zero daddy issues. Most likely you, or some person that you know, are somewhere in-between. The fact is that only Jesus had no daddy-issues. So. at FP we just like to take people where they are and help them move toward a healthier experience of relationships. Simple. Let’s lean into this together so that your holiday experience is better than it was last year.