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Forgiving Path Testimony from Chris M. (Kelowna)

“When I started the Forgiving Path, I was skeptical thinking that the crimes committed will not only be ignored, “whatever” and my complaint won’t be heard, “so sad, too bad! Sucks to be you!”.  After all, the judge of all the earth has much “bigger things to do”.  After the station 7, I was able […]

Amazing Gospel For Shamed People

Check out this animated presentation by HonorShame.com. I love it. People who have been beat-up, robbed, oppressed, treated with disrespect, prejudice or bigotry, or abuse of any kind will always feel shame too. If you can’t forgive, one of the reasons is that you struggle with subconscious shame. The HonorShame folk have come up with […]

Unforgiveness Kills!

Unforgiveness kills. It kills us as people. Recent studies have shown that couples who are harboring resent have higher cortisol levels in their blood. Cortisol is normally a good thing to our body, but if left at high levels for extended periods can lead to illness, fatigue, depression, or perhaps more serious physical breakdowns. One […]