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Engage: Can’t Forgive? is a breakthrough group topical study on the Biblical principles of “How to Forgive.” Seven innovative, provocative very biblical modules. So, Christian, you’re hurt. Someone did something to you, took something from you. You tried to forgive, just like Jesus said, but the pain is still there. You’re stuck, but not alone.

Forgiving others is hard. Perhaps, now you feel guilty or ashamed that you’ve disappointed Jesus. It’s a nasty cycle. You have tried to get help: with counseling, conferences, or books. These can be expensive, inconvenient and you’re still hurting.

So why are we so bad at it? Can’t Forgive? is based upon the breakthrough Biblical research by Pastor and forgiveness expert, Dr. Bill Senyard. What if we have, well-meaningly, misunderstood what the Bible has to say about how to forgive others? Jesus did say that we should forgive others seventy times seven times. Yet, He didn’t say how.

Can’t Forgive? focuses on the “How?”. As an added bonus, Can’t Forgive? works in conjunction with “The Forgiving Path”, the on-line Biblical Forgiving tool that has helped hundreds of Christians learn how to forgive (www,

Can’t Forgive? is not just informative, but also transformative. Engage groups are intentionally designed gatherings of Jesus-Followers—deeply Bible-centric dialogues—that provide a safe place where vital life-conversations can occur, where each participant is equally honored and challenged to apply the Gospel of Jesus Christ to their real lives. Our expectation each week is that lives and relationships will be changed, maybe a little, maybe a lot, but changed by the power of the simple uncluttered Gospel. If this sounds interesting to you, you are in the right place. Welcome to Engage.

Module #1: Forgiving is Hard!

Module #2: Seven Propositions

Module #3: The Magnanimous King

Module #4: Final Due Diligence

Module #5: Trial: Part 1

Module #6: Trial: Part 2

Module #7: Dance!