Forgiving Path Dashboard Initial Tutorial 

How Can One of Your Clients Go Through the Forgiving Path for FREE?

Very simple. In fact, we have already pre-programmed it for you. This is a great time to introduce you to your Forgiving Path Dashboard. You can get to it at any time by pressing the “Membership” link at the left of the upper blue bar on your webpage. But, don’t do it yet. First, meet Stella.

Meet Stella. She is a veteran counselor. Her practice, Stella’s, specializes in Marriage Counseling but she has 20-30 “active” clients with many different challenges. She is always looking for tools that can help her clients and make her practice more professional. She liked the idea of more tools in her toolkit.

She just went through the Forgiving Path FREE Trial, and has now chosen Step #2, “THEY try it for free.” In fact, she has the perfect client in mind. Now what?

When she clicked on her “Membership” link, here is what she saw.

Stella Counseling’s Dasboard


Make Sure You Click on “Set As Member”

When you send out the invitation to your new member, please make sure that you define them as a legitimate member here at the same time. 

Easy Steps To Registering Your FREE TRIAL Client

Step 1

Stella clicked on the Membership link at the left of the upper blue bar. This took her to her new Forgiving Path Dashboard. She was surprised to see that the second FREE TRIAL seat was already paid for.  

Step 2

She already had a client in mind whom she thought might greatly benefit from the Path. He was very willing to try just about anything. On her Dashboard, she registered him as a new member by filling the blanks under “Add Group Members”. It was very straightforward. 

Step 3

Stella wanted to send the new member a confirmation email so she left the “Disable box” (under Member Password blank) unchecked. She appreciated Forgiving Path’s concern for confidentiality. The results would only be sent to the Member Email. Then she pressed “ADD MEMBER.” She was done. 

Step 4

Her client got an immediate email inviting him to Stella’s group. All he had to do was to press link on the email to “confirm” registration. This took him to a page where he could add info or change his password. Then he pressed the other link on the email, “get started.” It was so simple. He was very happy that he didn’t need to mess with Paypal or Credit Cards. Stella looked very professional. No doubt, they would spend much of their next session processing his results and experiences in the Forgiving Path. 

Get Started Now!

Press on the “Membership” link at the left of the upper blue bar and register someone that you believe might benefit from the Forgiving Path. The FREE TRIAL seat is already pre-paid. They are our special guest. Just fill out the necessary info and get them started ASAP. We can’t wait to hear the results. 

You can add new seats at anytime by going to the Pricing Options page. Press on this link or the button “Add More Seats Now!”

If you have any questions, please contact us by pressing this link.

Welcome to the Forgiving Path.