Forgiving Others is Hard!

You Deserve To Get On With Your Life.

Next Steps

Make Space

The ideal experience, we believe, is for you to pick a 2-3 hour timeframe where you can truly focus on the Path. In today’s busy world, this is a challenge. We understand. Technically, the Path is set up so that you can log in and log out as many times as you would care to. We suggest that you plan ahead, find a space where you can be mindful–a quiet spot– set apart from others.


We invite you to gather a few common household items for your journey. These are not necessary, but we believe that it enhances the journey.

    1. A mirror
    2. A puzzle piece
    3. A candle with matches
    4. Newspaper
    5. Bread and a glass of wine or grape juice
    6. Bowl of mud

You will definitely need the two PDF linked downloads (See buttons below). Please download them now for your journey. 

Letter From God Legal Documents

Define Your Case

The Forgiving Path is a “case base” process. Remember, one of the major benefits of the Path is that you can go through the Path as often as you want for 30 days. To maximize your results, we ask that each time you go through the Path (Entrance Survey, Nine Stations, Exit Survey), you have in mind a SINGLE hurt, wound or crime committed against you—a single “CASE.” It is confusing to change horses in the middle of the stream. Consistent with that direction, we only allow you to have a single “active” case. Each time you go through the Path, you will pick a new case. Simple.

Press on the button below and you will have the opportunity to identify your case by name. You can use a name (Bob, Mary, Jada Jamal), initials, a secret code, refer to their relationship to you (Mom, Dad, Boss, Teenager), or anything that you like. Only you will see it. The results of your finished cases are archived so that you can always look back and be encouraged by the changes you experienced.

Welcome to the Forgiving Path!

Take a deep breath. Remember the Gospel. God loves you as much as He ever will right now. Strictly because of what Jesus did for you 2000 years ago, God loves you as much as the Father loves the Son and the Son loves the Father. You cannot mess this up. This is true whether you eventually forgive or not. That is good news. Relax. You will hear more of this in the Forgiving Path, trust us. 

Feel free to take your shoes off and relax. In a sense, this is Holy ground. Forgiving others is part of the very DNA of God. We worship God when we pursue it.

When you are ready, push on the button below to go to the Entrance Survey.

Can’t wait to hear what you think!