Forgiving Path Testimony from Chris M. (Kelowna)

“When I started the Forgiving Path, I was skeptical thinking that the crimes committed will not only be ignored, “whatever” and my complaint won’t be heard, “so sad, too bad! Sucks to be you!”.  After all, the judge of all the earth has much “bigger things to do”.  After the station 7, I was able to hear and know that the damages listed were much bigger than I thought, the demands for justice much louder than I expected, the long-term hurt was deep, real deep. Station 8 caused me to pause and reflect, Jesus paid for those crimes and is preparing a restitution for me because he paid for those crimes that the defendant couldn’t. The Court scene meant that my case could be and would be heard. Full restitution and restoration are possible. What’s next? It’s appropriating this forgiveness and believing that restoration is possible.  Could this be mine? To be able to come before this celestial judge and to hear from him that my case has been heard and to know that he’s heard the damage those crimes have done, and that restoration is possible is such good news! Thus, I continue too long for those possibilities and forgiveness causes me to be hopeful; restoration with the defendant, restoration of what has been lost, restoration of a heart made right and good and free, once seemed impossible but now possible. “Lord Judge of all the earth, you can and does restore all things, cause me to believe the truthfulness of your verdict a bit more each day!”