Forgiving Path Testimony from Blane D. (Kelowna, BC)

When I went thru the Forgiving Path, I did so out of curiosity and with more of an academic mindset. I wanted to “check it out” to see if it really did work, if the FP could be an effective means to work out issues involving and understanding forgiveness. But I also wanted to understand what it could look like to forgive, in my case, a family member for a perceived, deep wound that was connected to my anger. I’d also invited my father along to go thru it both because I thought it might help him with his own anger issues and as a means of opening other avenues of communication topics between us.

Bill’s “stations” of engagement were creative, amusing, intriguing, deeply thought-provoking and safe. The focused steps on a personal wound or issue were/are incredibly helpful. Not only do the steps or stations gently guide you thru your selected issue, they do so smartly, unjudgementally, helpfully. Honestly, the experience caused me to appreciate that there is a safe and sensible means available that gets to conflicts within and that moves along to resolution. I’m not talking about a band-aid cover, but about a real, inner peace about an inner conflict. I was surprised in the end about how I felt (positive, lighter, satisfied) and about my score on the post survey that indicated an improved –remarkably improved– view on and feeling about my chosen issue. I was amazed, to be honest, that such a process could work so effectively and so quickly. My father’s response was similar, which also surprised me. He likewise scored improvement in how he thought and felt about the issue that he had worked thru in the FP.

This was/is a visceral, gut-level, intelligent, real experience with genuine, positive results in the confines of your own space. How much safer could such a healing or improved well-being process be? I am sincere when I say, “Thanks, Bill. This is cool!”