First South African Forgiving Path Group!

On Monday night, 20 people from three Urban Life Churches (Johannesburg, SA) went through the Forgiving Path. This is hopefully a pilot group. It was a follow-up to my Sunday preaching on the topic of Biblical forgiveness to all three sites. Here are the surprising and miraculous results:        

Avoidance (Do I want to avoid the person who hurt me?) — Down 38%
Benevolence (Do I feel benevolence and compassion for the person who hurt me?)— Up 154%

Revenge (Do I want revenge?)— Down 61%
Justice (Do I feel that I have experienced some justice for the crime?) — Up 87%

As you can imagine, these results were very encouraging for all who participated. Amazing testimonies of how this felt to the group. Dramatic stuff. Truthfully, just about everyone was surprised that the Gospel could work that quickly for such an entrenched issue as unforgiveness. Thanks again to the church leadership as well as the Mutloatses for all of their help.

If you want to go through the Forgiving Path yourself, or want a group at your church to do it, go to, or contact us at