Frequently asked questions


Frequently Asked Questions

What's Included?

Subscription includes full access to The Forgiving Path, as many times as you want, for as many hurts and wounds as you need, 24/7 for the entire subscription period. 

Subscription includes the Before and After Surveys as well as immediate analysis of the impact according to the four forgiving metrics.

What types of crimes, or hurts or wounds should I bring to The Forgiving Path?

We suggest that you pray that the Holy Spirit would show you the specific crime, hurt or wound to consider in your journey. There is no “right” or “wrong” one to pick. The Forgiving Path works best if you pick a single specific crime, hurt or wound that you have struggled to move past. We do not recommend a chronic series of crimes. Just pick a single one that you can clearly remember. We ask that you stay with that specific crime, hurt or wound through the nine stations. Likely, you will think of others as you are in the middle of the Path. That is how a normal brain works. Write it down for later. Remember, the subscription gives you access to The Path for as many crimes, hurts or wounds for the length of your subscription period. 

How many times can I go through the path?

As many times as you want or need, for as many crimes, hurts or wounds for the length of your subscription period. 

How is the science calculated?

The Forgiving Path Before and After Surveys are based upon standardized, widely published, scientifically-validated Forgiving Surveys, designed to determine the immediate impact of Forgiving “interventions”, series of counseling, conferences, paths, and educational series. Have the participants self-assessed responses on the surveys note changes in four accepted forgiving metrics. As a result of the ‘intervention,”

  • Do participants feel less motivation to AVOID the perpetrator.
  • Do participants feel less need for VENGEANCE?
  • Do participants feel more BENEVOLENCE or compassion for the perpetrator?
  • And lastly, do participants feel that they have experienced JUSTICE for the crime or hurt committed against them? 

Ideally, the % Changes for AVOIDANCE and VENGEANCE should be negative and BENEVOLENCE and JUSTICE should be positive. 

The average %Changes for participants in The Forgiving Path are as follows:

  • 26% Reduction in Avoidance
  • 28% Reduction in Vengeance
  • 48% Increase in Benevolence
  • 100% Increase in Justice

For more analysis of your particular numbers, go to the Analyzing Results Page after you finish The Forgiving Path and both surveys. 

What will I need for the path?

Excellent question. There are two downloadable pdf files that are critical to your Path experience. Download them and have them with you as you begin to go through the stations.

Forgiving Path Trial Docs

Letter To You From God

In order to further enhance your sensory experience in The Path, we highly recommend that you also gather the following household items to have with you as you go through The Path. Please note that you can go through The Path without them. 

  • A mirror
  • A puzzle piece
  • Newspaper or magazine that you don’t want to keep
  • Candle with matches
  • Bread and glass of wine or juice
  • Bowl of muddy water (last station)


Do I need to go through all of the 9 Stations in one sitting?

We recommend that you do it all in one sitting, but it is not required. If you have to shut your computer or smartphone down, all you need to do is log back in using your email and password. In the menu, go to The Forgiving Path tab and go straight to the station where you left off.