Good news!

OK, this is a bit on the scientifically nerdy side, but we feel good about it nevertheless.

Recent scientific study has once again validated the measurement device that The Forgiving Path uses in its before and after surveys. In a broad study on a number of scientific forgiving therapy measurement tools, “Measuring Forgiveness: A Systematic Review” (2017), researchers M.F. Capo, et al. recommended only two devices to detect changes in “forgiving” episodic events (i.e., linked to a particular event or offense). The TRIM-12 was one of those devices and received very high scores. The Forgiving Path uses a modified TRIM-18 inventory for its surveys. Participants in the Forgiving Path can feel very comfortable that the %Change numbers they receive are scientifically valid. So when we say that the Forgiving Path is “evidence-based”, we mean it. 

So if you haven’t been through the Path, what’s keeping you. If you have, please–we urge you to recommend it to others. www.forgivingpath.com.

Here are the average self-reported changes since June 2020 (based upon before and after scientific surveys using a modified TRIM-18 survey):

% Change in my desire to avoid the person who hurt me- -21.12%
% Change in my sense of benevolence for the person who hurt me- +37.49%
% Change in my desire for revenge- -20.37%
% Change in my experience of justice for the crime- +77.73%

Crazy numbers after only 2+ hours.

If you haven’t heard, there is a second gospel-oriented experiential path, The Dance (www.the-dance.org). The Dance was released in Dec 2020. It is designed to help those who feel like they’ve fallen short, been a disappointment to God and others, struggle with identity issues—in a word- Shame.

We track four metrics: Relationship with self, with others, with God and an experience of vindication. The initial numbers are very solid.

Sound different than the status quo churchy programs? It is. Welcome to Gospel App!

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