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2019 Forgiving Path Holiday Survival Kit #2

Holiday family gatherings can be great–or they can be awkward and even toxic. We want to help you. We will focus this year on those so-called “daddy-issues.” By the way, let’s not be extremist. Think of a spectrum from 0-10 where 0 is horrific and abusive daddy issues and 10 is zero daddy issues. Most likely you, or some person that you know, are somewhere in-between. The fact is that only Jesus had no daddy-issues. So. at FP we just like to take people where they are and help them move toward a healthier experience of relationships. Simple. Let’s lean into this together so that your holiday experience is better than it was last year.

Forgiving Path Podcast #102: How To Biblically Forgive?

Dr. Bill Senyard preaching to Urban Life Centurion Church (Johannesburg, S.A.) October 6, 2019. Based upon Jesus parable in Matt 18: 21-35. Bill suggests that we have truly messed this topic up resulting in generation of shamed Christians who can’t and won’t truly forgive. There is another way.