2019 Forgiving Path Holiday Survival Kit #4

Hey look, for most of you, family holiday gatherings are great. God bless you. Felice Navidad. On the other hand, there are many who will struggle with relational stuff, conscious or subconscious. No judgment. We want to help.

Elisabetta Franzoso, in her very helpful article, Types of Damaging Fathers and How They Influence Who We Are: My Father, My Self helps clarify why family gatherings just might be uncomfortable. She names 13 different categories of ‘dads.’ This is not to vilify all dads, or faulty ones. No parent is perfect. My children still make fun of many of my mistakes and errors of judgement that were hurtful to them. I get it, that’s on me. I have apologized for at least the ones they have brought up. Truth told, there are other instances that I am aware of, that I just hope they have forgotten them. No doubt, they will come up as well as we chat about the past. That is now part of my parenting, to hear the good as well as the bad.