Testimony from Steve B. (Denver)

The Forgiving Path Review I recently went through The Forgiving Path. For my pathway I selected an event from 12 years ago which deeply wounded me. Although I had forgiven the one that had hurt me I realize now that I had only done that within the context of trying to be a good Christian and modeling what I thought Christ had taught me to do. I hadn’t come close to the real meaning of forgiveness, justice and living in a moral universe. All of us have been wounded. All of us have had an injustice done to us and no matter what we do to try to forgive or seek revenge it can never heal the wound unless you understand the meaning of the cross. The Forgiveness Path will surprise you. It may reopen old wounds and force you to relive events that you’ve tried to suppress but if you go through the series you will find a new and refreshing way of “rebalancing the scale of your soul”. All of us can benefit from the series but I wouldn’t limit my recommendation to only the one reading this review. We’ve all witnessed incredible hurt in the lives of loved ones, friends, acquaintances and even strangers. This is an opportunity for you to let God work in a creation that groans for a path to re-creation if you’re willing to share The Forgiving Path. I would recommend this to any individual, counselor, pastor and/or church that is seeking for a thoughtful, Biblically sound path to healing. In Him, Steve B. (Denver)